The content changes.

The lesson stays the same.

Any subject.

Any grade.

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The workflow of each EduProtocol stays the same, allowing students to understand the process in order to stay focused on the learning of the content.

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By their very nature, EduProtocol lesson frames are adaptive as the curriculum changes and students move from one topic to another in their studies.

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Four Cs

EduProtocols are suitable for students across the grade span, from kindergarten through college and allow the learner to engage with the Four Cs (collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity) in a UDL friendly format.

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Infinite Learning Possibilities 

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Throw away all those worksheets and busy work for students; allow students to use the 4Cs to show what they know, deeply and in memorable and effective ways.
— Amazon Review -Lisa DeLapo
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Book review by Natalie Priester.

Listen to publisher Dave Burgess talk about EduProtocols at 11:35..

Pick up this book
and revolutionize your instruction!
— Amazon Review - Zachary
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