Featured EduProtocols

Our featured EduProtocol templates consist of some of our favorites for use in any classroom, any grade. This is a sampling of the EduProtocols that teachers will learn in Jon and Marlena’s one day professional learning.


Cyber Sandwich

Students work in partners through this structured pair share with accountability.

colored pencils.jpg

Sketch and Tell

This is one of the newest protocols from book 2. Try it out here!


8 p*ARTS of Speech

Learn grammar rapidly and practice applying skills.


Little p*ARTS

Little Parts is 8p*ARTS for little people.


Iron Chef

Crunch through content with our first protocol, a gamified jigsaw to use.


Sentence Parts

Develop sentence structure skills with Sentence p*ARTS.


Sentence p*ARTS

Sentence p*ARTS 2 of Little Parts



Where in the World!

Help us track where in the world EduProtocols are being used! Add your City to our list!

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