Smart Start Your School Year!

We’ve created a sample first week of a Smart Start schedule for you! All activities may be found in Book One, The EduProtocol Field Guide. We have linked in a few extra gems just for you!

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What is Smart Start?

Wondering what Smart Start is all about? It is a new way of starting your year with culture building in the classroom!

Check out the video to find out more!


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Adapting Smart Start for Littles

The above schedule is a middle grades sample, from about third-grade through high school. To adjust down for younger students, spread this week over two weeks. As you move into the second week, use your curriculum for the content for the EduProtocols going into the second week.

For kindergarten students, focus your culture building around unplugged activities while students are learning to log in during the first week or two of school. You’ll also want to substitute in grade appropriate such as group games and team challenges using your math manipulatives and other readily available materials.