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“I was really impressed with your training. I can honestly say, your training was one of the best I have attended. I have quite a few ideas from the training that I want to implement.

Thank you for making it worth my time; I really do appreciate it.” -Workshop Participant

Professional Learning 

Jon and Marlena, each with their individual styles, will dazzle your staff, spark curiosity and excitement, and launch meaningful learning for your students!

We personally work with district leaders to design workshops that are relevant to your local academic growth goals. All of our workshops are designed to be hands on and customized for your school or district! Below are some descriptions of our workshops, but each session is built specifically for your needs!


“This workshop gave me specific activities I can use in my classroom and how to implement them from start to finish. It required me to do the same procedures the students will be doing which gives me a better understanding of how to use the procedures throughout the year.”

-Workshop Participant

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This was a really useful day. Lots of good, easy to implement protocols, but it didn’t feel like an information overload.


The co-creators of EduProtocols will live-demo the EduProtocol approach to delivering instruction in this engaging and participatory keynote, Participants will try EduProtocols as they learn why and how they work. UDL friendly and Four C rich, Teachers will leave with new ideas and tips for implementing EduProtocols in their classroom almost immediately.


Basic Workshop/ Breakout Sessions

Jon or Marlena will guide educators through three basic EduProtocols in this 60-120 minute session, designed for specific grade-level spans or mixed grade levels. The Fast and The Curious, Cyber Sandwich, and Iron Chef will build the foundation for an EduProtocol rich classroom. Reduce dependence on pre-packaged workbooks and texts, and develop the capacity of your teachers to design lessons with purpose.

“I mostly appreciate the overall explanation of EduProtocols and how to implement them.” -Session Participant


Deeper Dive into an EduProtocol Classroom

In this 60-120 minute, hands-on session, educators will work through an additional 2-3 EduProtocols, chosen specifically based on your needs and district initiatives. This workshop is designed for teachers already familiar with EduProtocols and will include tips and tricks for expanding implementation in the classroom. Jon or Marlena will tailor this professional learning session just for your teachers! Jon and Marlena can also structure professional learning for half day and full day learning sessions.

Thank you for coming! I learned a TON!