The Cyber Sandwich Template 


Cyber Sandwich:

Students work in partners through this structured pair share with accountability.

If you are new to using protocols and want to try one out, this is an excellent starter!

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Step 1: Student one and two will spend ten minutes independently reading the same selection. Students may use any annotation techniques used in class. Both students will enter their findings on slide one or two. (students follow the color coding on the template).

Step 2: Students will spend five minutes discussing their findings with their partner and completing a Venn diagram together on Slide Two. What did you notice and what did I notice that was the same or different. (The goal is to deepen understanding of the article that was read.)

Step 3: Using the shared research and Venn diagram, each student will write his or her own paragraph summarizing the reading selection.

Step 4: Each team will take turns presenting their findings to the class, other groups, or a partner.

Modification: Students may read articles with contrasting viewpoints. They will then compare and contrast the two topics based on the information gathered on the slides.

Adapting for Littles

Comparing the literature that students are reading makes an ideal starting point:

The book character vs. the movie character

An item in the book vs. an item in real life

Two things (e.g., car vs. carriage, cat vs. dog)

Two processes (e.g., how we behave in the classroom vs. the playground)

From: Hebern, Marlena, Corippo, Jon: The EduProtocol Field Guide: 16 Student-Centered Lesson Frames for Infinite Learning Possibilities (p. 130). Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc.. Kindle Edition.


Compare and Contrast Cyber Sandwich   Contributed by Diane Mapes  @mrsmapess

Compare and Contrast Cyber Sandwich

Contributed by Diane Mapes